Windows Media Center - Page up and Page down

I have the control over IP working great for windows media center. I noticed there is no button for page up and page down. I looked at the msdn page for the command and it exists but i can’t seem to add it to the remote.

I’ll jump in here since no one else has.

The thing to understand about MCE Controller is that the default command set provided by the developer is an EXAMPLE data set.

MCE Controller seems to be quite a moving target when it comes to example commands provided by the developer in the install package. When you install MCE Controller there is a file called ‘MCEControl.commands’ that resides in the same directory as the program. This is where MCE Controller finds the commands it will respond to.

You have to edit this file manually according to the instructions provided on the MCE Controller website in order to add any additional commands that are not included in the example installed. In addition you must request the RoomieCodes.plist file directly from Roomie support. This file must then be edited to include the commands you want Roomie to send to MCE Controller and uploaded to Dropbox for a configuration restore.

These are custom command sets so you must do everything manually.

Hope this helps!