WOL stopped working


Has anyone noticed after recent version 5.04 upgrade to 5.06 the WOL command stopped working?

(1) This appears to be effecting all the devices at my home where previously be able to use WOL wake IP controlled device. LG TV, Yamaha blueray, Epson projector to name few.

(2) I did packet capture on the router, I noticed after tap the activities, there isn’t any WOL packets have been sent from iPAD at all, so no wonder the device no longer waking up.

(3) I tested on the same iPAD with app called WOL to see if it’s iPAD have issue. The iPAD be able to wake all the devices previously working. And with the packet capture running on the router, it be able to see the WOL packets have been sent to port 7 of given device.

(4) I have reset all my activities, and removed/re-add all the devices, but still no be able to wake device with WOL+ command.

Can anyone check and varify their setting is still working? Any suggestions?


A huge percentage of users use WoL, and certainly if something had broken so long ago, that would be quite visible by now. WoL packets can be sensitive to networks, VLANs, etc. Also, other apps on your iOS device could potentially cause conflicts. Restart your iOS device and try adjusting networking. Port 7 is not the correct WoL port BTW.

Thanks Will, you were right. I tried different device with different group of app on them, and the SC’s WOL works again for all the previously know working devices.

This is so strange, I guess I might have to reset my iPAD just to get this working properly.

In the end, it turns out it wasn’t the app conflict or the iPAD OS, it was the space at the end of the MAC address added during copy and paste.

Can we get Simple Control to handle the space at the end of MAC address better? It seems when the space was added by mistake, the device has to be removed and re-added before WOL can work properly.