Working As Designed?

I have a custom device for my HDMI matrix switcher. When I set it up a couple years ago, using the old DDK and XML format, I named things rather dumb like: Output 1 - Input 1, Output 1 - Input 2, …, Output 8 - Input 7, Output 8 - Input 8.

With the new in-app designer I decided to name them more meaningful like Theater HDMI1 - BRD, Theater HDMI1 - AppleTV, etc.

However when I did this all of the activities that referenced the old naming convention were inoperable since they still had references to Output 1 - Input 1 instead of the new replacement name of Theater HDMI1 - BRD.

I wasn’t expecting this. I was thinking there would be a key to the command, that the name was just a token, and that the activities would hold a reference to a key and not a name.

Presumably my expectation was wrong and this is working as designed, but I wanted to verify.