Don’t hate me, I have X-10. Is there a way to control that with Roomie?

There are several indirect controllers that end up providing X-10 control that we work with. These include the SmartLinc 2412. It’s generally though not nearly as simple as using the native system such as Insteon in that case.

Thank you.

If you have an IP2IR or WF2IR, you can use the IP to IR converted signal to feed (via blaseter or emitter) an X10 IR543 Command Center (~$28). The IR543 converts the IR signal into an X10 signal and feeds it into the electric line and your light or appliance modules (~$15 -$20). I have my system set up this way to control the room lights and an IdeaLume (TV back light). I also have an older Yamaha 5-disk CD player that is IR controllable except it only has a manual power switch. Using the above method and adding an appliance module, Roomie can now power the CD player on and off too. All of this works without extra lag or error.

That sounds great! I have the ITach WF2IR and I have an X10 Command Center lying around collecting dust. What do I have to do in Roomie to get this to work?

Add the X10 IR543 Command Center as an ‘X10 Auxiliary’ device through the WF2IR and choose the proper WF2IR IR port the Blaster or emitter is connected to. Then add the new device to activities as desired and add the commands as needed to make it work as you wish. The rest is no different than setting any other X10 device.

If I skipped over anything you need help with, I’ll try to assist.

That worked! Thanks! Now, I get to play with designing a remote.

Great! Glad it worked.