Xantech MRC88 Serial control

Hi Guys, I am currently setting up a rather large multiroom system in Roomie, all going well so far and I’m more than comfortable with setting up custom IR files to integrate (and they work well so far), but I am now at a point where I delve into the realms of serial and things don’t seem so straight forward as IR (I could be wrong and i’m just not looking at it correctly).

As part of the original AV system I have a Xantech MRC88 (8 zone, 8 source, multiroom system) that works well for what I need. Rather that have to put an IP2IR box in each room and use the existing IR commands in Roomie, that work pretty well) I am opting to take advantage of the built in serial control on the main controller that can have commands supplied to it to control the whole system.

Unlike the IR roomiecodes.plist in the DDK, the serial equivelant does not have a template version to help me along my way.

I have in my possesion a full list of the Xantech codes and codes structures to produce both commands and queries via serial, just not too sure where to start.

One other question, I asume you can, but can you put both IR and serial codes alike into the same .plist file? (I know it is probably a stupid question, but better safe to ask)

Any help would be greatfully accepted :slight_smile:



The serial example in the DDK shows how to format multiple custom devices. The serial example does provide a template, but of course every device is completely different on serial whereas infrared pretty much works the same way for every device.

What are the different variables for the “Method” string? I have noticed a few different enteries such as lineio, binary, binary-ack. Is there a list available and what they are commonly used for?

I Have managed to get the required commands into the .plist file and into roomie as I need them and the commands are sent through to the serial adapter but still nothing happens :frowning: I know that the Xantech uses a null modem connection as apposed to straight through but i’m not 100% sure what the cable is that I am using so may need to pop out and buy one that I know is compatible, just to be sure and eliminate it from the list of possible issues.

Another question I have is that the Xantech unit can provide responses and stusus updates to roomie via the serial and was wandering how you go about setting up roomie with all of the different replies, I can send over to support the docs I have for you to look at if that is of any use?

Ok, so I have established I am using the correct cable (confirmed pin out with tester) and it is a straight through cable (Xantech unit makes it a null modem/X-over internally. So I know that the cable is correct.

I have just downloaded and installed iTest and connected to the IP2SL-P adapter and I am trying to send a literal command string to the system but it keeps coming up with an error code of ERR_0:0,016 which doesn’t seem to relate properly to anything in the error codes list. I get this error regardless of command/query I send and I even get it witht the serial cable unplugged, so it isn’t an error code/response from the xantech unit.

An example code I am using is !8PW1+

According to the manual this should work and is even a sample code. All commands start with ! and end with+ so the system knows the beggining and end of an ASCII string and that it is a command, rather than a query which starts with a ? instead, the first number is the zone, in this case 8, PW means power, followed by either a 1 or 0 for on/off respectivly

Any help much appreciated.


Page 4 of the DDK does provide a list of the available methods and what they do.

We don’t implement the Xantech protocol at present, but if you’re seeing a particular error like that, perhaps their documents or support could help you translate it.

Sorry for the long and thanks for the help on this.

After much cursing and many head aches, it turned out that the Xantech unit was faulty! I have since had it replaced and it works like a dream with my coding :slight_smile:

Can’t find where, but in one of my posts Roomie mentioned that it would be possible for them to create the backend to deal with the Xantech return commands/parsing. Is this still the case and if so, who do I need to send the docs over to with the details? I can also supply the command codes to create the remote controls too, to proppery imbed it into roomie.



support@roomieremote.com can handle requests for that.

Cheers, i’ll get the docs emailed over as soon as I can.

Any chance you could share Files needed to roomie work with an mrc88?

Hello. Does anyone know if any progress was made on this? I too have several stacked mrc88 systems, that I’d love to be able to incorporate into my roomie controllers.

Hi guys, I’ve got all the files on my pc, just never got round to email them over to roomie (my bad, sorry). I’ll send them over in the next few days and I’ll also post what you need on here too.

If you dont hear from me in a few days, post a message and I will be notified and get a nudge.

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Help! please Help us were stuck in xantech mud

Hello gentlemen,

I too am interested in this Xantech code you speak of. Roomie could have several more clients if they could support these Xantech MRC88 amps. I am also interested in custom programming, and I have studied the developers kit and am experienced with light to moderate programming, but my biggest questions are, do I have to use Xcode, as Roomie strongly suggests, or is this there a good alternative?


Hello. Ok so, I have the mrc88 code and I’m using an itach serial device to control these amps with several other control apps. I can not figure out how to add these codes to the roomie app. If someone can help then please? I can send or post code if necessary. Thank you.

I’ve attached the codes file I’m using–you may want to change the labels.


It certainly needs more work; but the biggest issue is the lack of serial feedback…


I’m hopeful that somebody will either post the correct way to parse the serial information; an update to roomie will include the serial feedback; or that roomie will be updated to handle custom feedback parsing.


Has anyone got any further with this?