XBMC back button


what is the command for back (1 screen) in xbmc. exit takes me to the home menu but i just want to step back 1 screen. I cant seem to find one that works.

i tried using the microsoft ir remote provided in roomie which has a back command but after i press the button it doesnt respond when i press it again Until i press a different button.


Normally, XBMC would be controlled directly via IP. There is an EXIT command in that set to perform that function as well.

The issue you are referencing for IR control is related to Windows Media and discussed in this FAQ:



I have XBMC connected via ip and works fine except exit goes directly to the main menu screen. with regards to IR control i did as suggested in the link which work great so now i am using the ip for most commands but the back button is ir along with wake and sleep. Works fine.

Thanks for the advice.

EXIT is different than back. EXIT goes back to the main menu while back should just go back one level.

Is it possible to add more ip commands?


Are you using the XBMC JSON set for XBMC 12 Frodo or the older set? The old set contains EXIT and the new set contains BACK. The new set is very likely using a correct BACK. The old set could probably also have BACK but XBMC doesn’t list such a command. Yes, we can send you the old set if you’d like to customize it.

Thanks. The Json set works as expected. Would it be possible to add a keyboard to the Json remote? the old set had one. Also it would be great to get some of the buttons from the official app into roomie.

Buttons missing:



fullscreen toggle

Subtitle toggle

Direct links to movie and tv sections

And of course feedback would be awesome. Also is it possible to send keystrokes to xbmc? There are tons of keyboard shortcuts that do various things.



If you send me the json commands file I can add the missing commands myself and send it back to you.


Kelmk, did you do it? Sorry for being noob but I just downloaded roomie remote and set it up with my xbmc. When I wach something and o press back button I cant get back to full screen… Without fullscreen toggle I cant use roomie for my xbmc… Again sorry fo being noob and for bad english.

Actually pressing back at the home screen will take you back to the playing video. I am just finishing up a new configuration with many more buttons and will send it to Roomie shortly.



Back button takes me one step back until I come to home screen… And then im stuck. If i press back, nothing happens. Im looking forward to your new config. Thanks

I have sent the file to Roomie to include

Awsome! So what do i do now?

thanks. I realy appreciate your help.

Here are mine. Delete the remotes and devices you don’t need and merge into yours

dropbox.com/s/3f8li6itx00co … odes.plist

dropbox.com/s/ooioormv3nco3 … otes.plist


Thank you so much! Works perfect now!

These have been integrated for the next main library update.