Xbmc json frodo

Are Shutdown and reboot supposed to be part of the most recent XBMC update? I have not been able to get them to show up as options. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

It’s in the older XBMC set. We’ve added it to the next library update for Frodo.

Thanks for adding this. When I tried it out, it only quit XBMC and didn’t shutdown the computer. I checked my XBMC setup and the shutdown function is set to “shutdown”. Was that the intent? Also, are there plans to add reboot?

Also, is there a pg down and up in the command set for frodo?

In the xbmc forum, they talk about channel up and down, but I do not see them in your implementation

+1 for page up/down commands. I have a large number of files and it takes a long time to scroll through them one at a time.


I was hoping to have PVR/DVR support added to Roomie Remote for XBMC, the same way TVSHOWS and MOVIES currently is added. I would be more then willing to manually add the support myself.


We’re always happy to add commands. We don’t immediately see a Page Up/Down in the XBMC JSON set:


Please submit any commands you’d like added to support@roomieremote.com.

Thank you.

Yes, I couldn’t find one either, but they ‘seem’ to be used for going a page up or down in channel lists and items inplaying lists.


I ‘emulated’ one with a macro that does right arrow, and then 7 down arrows or up arrows. Works in most places they use it, but not all.

+1 for fiuring this out too!