Will 1.6 or a future version support XBMC through the new API? wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=JSON_RPC
Just wondering before I invest too much time in an XBMC HTPC or look for something else.

Rather than ask questions about an API, the question we ask is what functionality you’re looking for. Using the new API is trivial, we could switch to it in less than an hour, and we offer a custom device DDK that would allow you to do that yourself as well.

So again, the question really isn’t about an API which is sort of like asking what TCP port to use, but rather what you want to do. We suspect the real question you want to ask sounds more like “I’d like to see X, Y, and Z features with XBMC and/or Plex. *and presumably X, Y, or Z can only be done via the new API”

XBMC new releases no longer implement the raw http API that Roomie is using.

Can you make the change ASAP please, or at least support it as an alternate config set.

Roomie can no longer control any of my media center due to this issue. :frowning:

We have sent you a test command set for XBMC JSON via email.

The test command set works well for up/down/left/right/enter info and home.

It needs a few more keys to be usable per the previous XBMC remote: play/pause/stop/fwd/rwd/prev/next and menu.


I was able to extend the test command set using Input.ExecuteAction method, and all the basic XBMC remote functions are now operational via JSON. I’ve emailed the new config file back to your support email. Thanks for your help.