XBMC Live TV channel selection from TV guide


I’m using XBMC/Live TV to watch OTA TV and would like to select TV channels from the TV guide like we normally do with a regular cable box. i.e. Roomie remote is selecting the tuner channel when pressing on the TV guide . Any idea?




Second this. Direct channel launch from guide would be great.

It does this on cable tv listing. You click the channel number/name. Not the show

Any possibility of this happening?

Yes, this is very likely.

Thank you.

I would be happy to test. I’m already part of the beta if you need help.


To clarify, there were two issues here.

One is that the Guide itself was not able to be associated with an XBMC device because the Media Guide would always take over. That was fixed in the 2.0.X maintenance releases and is now working. If you want to browse the guide with XBMC, that’s already there.

The other issue is that integral channel changes are not sent from the guide to XBMC. This is because using live TV via XBMC is not well standardized. We can probably add a command to do this without needing a software update once we figure out what the custom live TV solutions people are using are actually expecting via the API. There seem to be quite a number of potential paths here and not clear which of them if any integrate properly with XBMC’s API:


Thank you.