XBMC remote improvements and additions


The XBMC remote integration is a genius move, and could use some additions / improvements which would make it absolutely epic.

For reference, XBMC has released a free remote control app for XBMC which works incredibly well. It has feedback from XBMC, showing what’s playing, status, etc. The app is even broken into sections for Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. It polls the library to allow direct selection of media found in the library. This is the major part that is missing from Roomie at the moment.

I’m no software guy, but I believe the app is built on the JSON web service component of XBMC, and in the latest release (Eden), is much improved over what it used to be.

I’m wondering, since the app is free, and all of it is open-source, is it possible to borrow / use the same tech they have in their app to improve the built-in remote in Roomie?

We’re hoping to upgrade the XBMC interface in a future release. You could probably do anything on the control side yourself, but piping feedback or show information will require us to get into that. It’s a complex area as Boxee, Plex, and XBMC all use their own funky variations of the same basic stuff so we need to make sure all of those are in sync.

True, true. But my personal bias says XBMC is superior and needs all your attention first! Those other guys can wait. :slight_smile:

But seriously, the official app only just recently came out. Before that, the paid app XBMC Commander had that functionality. I think there are things that both apps do very well. The official app has a better remote control feel and simpler interface. (and its free) XBMC Commander has a better library pull that allows you to browse, select and play items quickly.

I wonder if you could outsource the interface to one of the XBMC guys that has done it already, and have it as an IAP in Roomie? Why reinvent the wheel if they can port it over to you?