XBOX 360 IP support

With the latest dashboard update it appears the XBOX 360 is now IP controllable. The My Xbox LIVE application was updated to control the unit and is now available in the AppStore. Any chance of native IP integration with Roomie?

I second this. 360 support would be great and would allow me to ditch my dvd player that I use for netflix :slight_smile:

I third this.

lol. does that mean direct support soon? :wink:

FYI, Microsoft has updated their app to act as a full remote on the iPad: … sing-ipad/

While we will still probably look into this, there are a lot of user complaints about their app as it does not control power. It just lets you move around once the box is on. Like TVs that don’t support power via IP (we’re looking at you Samsung), it just makes it a lower priority effort.

Ahh, good to know. Thanks for checking it out.

Any updates on this at all? I’d like to be able to navigate around the 360 interface using roomie… even if that does mean no WOL support.

FYI, Microsoft has an all-new app called smartglass for controlling the 360 on android and iOS… info here: … -and-ipad/

It looks pretty much the same and still doesn’t seem to support power via IP.

My xbox360 is hacked and banned. Is there anyway to control Xbox over IP yet?