Xbox 360 IR Help

I’ve just taken delivery of GlobalCache’s iTach WF2IR box. I’ve installed Roomie on my iPad2. I’ve purchased the IR controller pack.

I thought I’d test the app + iTach on my XBox as that is definitely supported.

When I set up Roomie for XBox and test the remote, I can see the IR emitter flashing red, so the command is definitely getting to the iTach device, but I just can’t power on/off or anything else the XBox.

Am I missing something?

We have a FAQ for diagnosing IR issues like that:

Note that the newest Xbox model can be challenging to find an emitter position. Some people have even resorted to opening the box and building the emitter into the box:

Following the FAQ above, you can bypass the issue of course by using the blaster.

Yeah I did read that faq before I posted here. Still not getting any signals. I will keep trying…

You have to position the IR emitter directly over the ‘Sync’ button on the front of the Xbox. At least that’s what I had to do with my Xbox 360 Slim.

One thing of note (and one I’ll be posting a new topic about) is that, if I use the ‘test remote’ option when setting up the Xbox in Roomie, power on/off works fine, but if I add the power on/off command to an ‘Activity’, it works only very intermittently.

Oh good, it isn’t just me.

I have two Xbox 360 slims. Both behave quite well using an emitter placed on the sync button.

Power On/Power Off is definitely flaky. Like you, I can get the test remote to work reliably, but rarely seems to work in an activity. What DOES work reliably in an activity is the Power Toggle command, so I’ve been manually adding it to activities. That does cause some problems with System Off and switching activities, however.


Whenever a command seems to have issues running in an Activity but works great in Test Remote, it means one and only one thing: You need more delay.

IR devices often get confused by multiple sequential IR commands and decide to just ignore commands that are too close together for them. Some devices are really bad at separating out commands. We default to 200ms as the delay between commands. Some devices need much more so you can change that value to be as high as you might need.