XBox MCE Guide Digits


I am having an issue with changing channels from the guide with in roomie remote. Windows media center calls for channels in a xx.x format but roomie just enteres 3 digits. How can this be fixed? I’m using xbox 360 slims as media center extenders to a Windows 7 media center PC. I have the Xbox as the device in the configuration and the default xbox remote assign to the activity.

Another issue is you can only change the channel if you are watch live TV or within the guide. Is there a way to fix this as well? Maybe insert the guide command first then enter the digits xx.x with the decimal point to properly change the channel even within the media center start screen?


If you have a provider setup to provide the correct channel numbers with separators, the MCE command set already contains the necessary DIGIT SEPARATOR command that would cause that to work. So either the command set you’re using does not support that or the provider you have selected for the guide isn’t using those fractional channel numbers.

I found the only device type that works is the Xbox 360. The provider does show the decimal for the channel number. If I choose MCE the remote does not work. The Xbox remote settings are set to both. Has anyone got this to work using the Xbox as an extender and how?
I go to add a command to the XBOX 360 device but dont see teh seperator command. Is there a way to add this to make the XBOX remote send the xx.x format from the guide to chane the media center channels?