Xbox One

Will Roomie be able to control the Xbox One via IP?


We have no information on Xbox IP control. We are looking into the PS4 and think that’s likely in time.

The Xbox 360 had some fairly useless IP control that did not control power so the effort to reverse engineer that wasn’t likely to be worthwhile and we don’t think anyone ever did. After the Xbox One is released, the first thing to evaluate is whether its IP control has actually improved from the 360 such that it would be worth the effort to reverse engineer.

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can roomie control xbox one via ir or any way at all right now?

We did see a report that indicates there might be a way to have IR control of the Xbox One. Presuming IR codes are discovered, they can of course be learned or added directly and in such a case we would certainly add them to the main library.

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Infrared control for Xbox One has just been added to the Roomie Service. To update immediately, just tap “Last Update” in Roomie’s Settings.

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i cant seem to get it to work…i have it setup on port1 on itach…i tryed positioning the sensor in every possible position…where do u put the sensor?

Actually there is a sensor on the xbox one itself, its about a inch to the right of the eject button, took me forever to find it but that’s where I attached my sensor and it works great!

thx…using the IR Blaster worked…every command works except for power on/off…any ideas?

Yea i dont think its on the kinect, people on avsforum claim a 360 remote is controlling it and they dont even have kinect setup.

has anyone been able to get it to work using the IR blaster on port 3? so far i have not had any luck.

I use a single ir on port 3, hot glued to the front of the xbox one and it works fine

We have just pushed a small update that adds POWER ON and POWER OFF commands for Xbox One in addition to the existing POWER TOGGLE. Just tap “Last Update” to update the Roomie Service library immediately (which happens every 24 hours automatically regardless).

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my problem was that I was out of range for the blaster. if I hold the blaster 3 feet closer everything works fine. the only problem is that with my setup i can’t actually move 3 feet closer. I have ordered a second FLEX WIFI IR to stay in the AV cabinet so my problems should be solved.

Has anyone been able to get the Xbox to work on port 2 with a single ir? I cannot find the sensor anywhere.



look at my post above, the sensor is located about 1 inch to the right of the eject button, takes a little work to find the right spot but its there. I hot glued my sensor there and it works fine

Microsoft recently issued an update to the Xbox One that fixed the POWER ON and POWER OFF infrared commands. They did however use new and different codes for those two commands. We have just updated the Roomie Service with these new commands. To update immediately, tap “Update Devices” in Settings.

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I need some help. I did some testing and moved the ir blaster to port 2 and I am able to control some of the Xbox functions. But not the power on/off. I was not able to get any functions to work with just a regular ir sensor. My remote has been updated on March 6, 2014. I would like to be able to use the on/off function so it can shut down with my other devices.



The Xbox One media remote has been announced. I should be getting mine here later today (unless UPS is till backed up due to Monday’s snow here).

We assume that device will simply send the same infrared codes already in Roomie’s library, so it doesn’t seem to change the landscape here.

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I realise this is an old thread but with today’s announcements the Xbox One has become a much more interesting TV/HT solution. IR control sounds good, but IP would be better. As Microsoft offers full control via its Smartglass app (including scrolling through video etc) it would be great if Apple TV-level control of the Xbox One would become part of Roomie.