XBR-65x900B not 'seeing' commands

It’s been a while since I’ve setup my Roomie. Just got a this 900B 4K.
Roomie found the TV as a new device.
It paired. (Roomie popup).
I also did the Register on the Test Remote and also on the Virtual Remote.
Sony’s TV SideView works.
When I press a button, I.e. Vol Up/Dn, the command is shown in blue (versus red when no network connection)

All the buttons show the blue feedback in top left of remote but nothing done to TV, I.e. no vol up/down.

What did I miss?

Sony 2014 TV models are not yet on the supported list:


It should be trivial to add them, but we need a user that owns one to contact support and provide several pieces of information from the unit that can be obtained from most web browsers. It will take a few bits of information from the TV to update for it.

Wake on LAN should work regardless right now BTW.

Thank you.

Thanks to hwitten’s help with testing, we’ve just deployed an update to support the Sony 2014 TV models and updated the compatibility list accordingly.

Auto-discovery works fine with the 2014 models. The primary difference is that sending the REGISTER command is now required for all commands rather than just input commands.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for the quick response. Working great.