Xfinity X1 DVR Control and VOICE commands

I am using your network control for my Xfinity X1 DVR, which works great (even though I dont yet see any evidence of 2-way functionality, such as status of current channel, etc).

Apart from 2-way control, the only significant missing functionality is voice control.
I am using your iOS app, and am wondering whether you could adapt Siri commands to the Xfinity X1 DVR.
Is this feasible? If so, is it coming anytime soon?

Network control of the X1 would be news to me. What are you referring to?

Comcast announced IP control for the X1 in October 2015. However, it has not yet been released (yes, for those counting, we’re coming up on 2 years). Despite the entire CEDIA expo including the escalators and the floors being painted with ads for X1 IP Control at both the 2015 show and 2016 show, no products have integrated it and no information whatsoever has been released. Also, they said that when (if?) it does come, it will be for the rackmount pro version of the X1 only.

Comcast therefore at this time should still be considered not to have any IP control. The best solution on most cable networks today is a TiVo which has top notch IP control.

Thank you.

Have you integrated voice control into any Tivo or other set-top box?

The custom Alexa skill has a lots of direct commands that work with almost anything not just TiVo. Look at the docs for it. You can pause, play, “skip 6 times” to skip commercials, and many other device specific commands.

Thank you.