Yamaha Aventage missing HDMI 5,6,7 commands

Hi there! I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A6A which seems to work perfectly with Roomie Remote. However, I’ve added another device to my setup and am noticing that Input commands for HDMI 5, 6, and 7 are missing. Could those be added to the Yamaha configuration or is there a way I can do so? Thanks!

From what I’ve found, you’ll need to use IR to get the full command library for any device. I’m not sure why IP control is so limited.

Certainly it is trivial to add add such commands. That’s what the Custom Devices feature is for.

Because this is a forum post, there are too many details left out to suggest the actual codes as there are many control methods for Yamaha receivers. The Submit Feedback button provides us with the actual codeset you’re using and from there adding 3 more inputs if they are needed should be trivial.

However, it sounds to me like the real issue is you’re using the wrong codeset. The modern Yamaha codeset is YXC Zone 1. That set definitely already has HDMI 5, 6, and 7. It should have auto-discovered as such, but can also be added manually as per the details on the Compatibility page, so again those kinds of details are easy to determine in a real support ticket.

Ah that makes sense. I tried adding my receiver again and didn’t see it show up on the Network Discovery but I typed Yamaha in the search and the RX-A6A showed up. Added that and it now shows the extra inputs I was missing! Thanks for the help!