Yamaha Aventage Volume Scale

I wish to have Roomie use the db volume scale with my RX-A8A receiver but I can only get it to show a numerical scale when using the YXC code set. Is there an option that I’m not seeing to use the db scale? Roomie also is giving me a volume range of 0-161 vice the receiver’s 0-97. I have the receiver set to db and it reports as such on the unit display and on the OSD. If I fall back to the YNC code set for the RX-A8A as I have with my RX-V867 Roomie does use the db scale but I lose other functions.

Yamaha YXC settings come from the device. Has nothing to do with Roomie. Recreate the device in Roomie to reset everything might help, but otherwise it’s on the Yamaha settings.