Yamaha-Receiver IP-Codes


i need IP-Codes for my Yamaha Receiver via IP-Control for:
Trigger 2 hi / lo

I come from iRule and solved it there with:

Any ideas for me?



I too have some commands I want to add for controlling my Yamaha RX-A3060 receiver. they seem like very basic actions like turn on Zone 2, choose Zone 2 source, set music mode to concert hall, etc, yet I don’t see them in the checkbox list of commands for the Yamaha Device. The explanation for adding a IP Commands seems beyond my technical skills and seems oriented towards custom devices, not advanced commands for supported devices. Am I missing a simpler way to accomplish my goals?

Zone 2 is added as its own device, it has many zone-specific codes.

SC provides around 300 codes for the Yamaha receivers, but it’s not enough! As Will said above, several of the Yamaha commands remap the remote keyboard, like the on-screen programming. Because I have an xFinity DVR (tech from the last century) I have to have an IR blaster in order to control it. It was easiest for me to save the commands I wanted as IR commands and add an emitter on the receiver.