Yamaha Receivers 2010 YNC commands for Zone 2 and Zone 3

Will it be possible to add Yamaha Receivers 2010+ YNC commands and feedback for Zone 2 and Zone 3?

Yes, this should just be a matter of adding it to a library update which we can do inline at any time. For 1.8.X, we mainly wanted to get initial YNC support into the field to see whether users wanted it and it worked well. We can add most anything to YNC and may make it the default eventually as the general need for multiple connection support over IP is high so that is a distinct advantage of using YNC.

There is so much Yamaha-specific functionality right now on the default YNCA side that it will take time to build out things like the media streaming feedback and many other things we do automatically with Yamaha receivers today using YNCA. If your priority is multiple connections and you don’t need streaming media feedback, YNC is the way to go right now. We will add the other zones shortly.

Thank you.