Yamaha receivers - direct access to streaming services?

I am a new user and have a recent model Yamaha receiver. I am trying to set up the device so I can directly access the streaming services (Sirius, Pandora, Spotify) with the SC app. However, I only see a command to select the NET input. I don’t see any commands to directly start the Sirius app, or the Spotify app, etc. I know there must be IP codes to directly access the individual streaming services because Yamaha’s own app has buttons for direct access to each of them. Any assistance appreciated.

We support MusicCast directly now. Recent Yamaha models are based on MusicCast. It is added as a MusicCast device.

Thanks for the prompt response. However, when I try to add devices via auto discovery I do not see any device listed as “MusicCast.” The only selectable device is the Yamaha receiver itself. And, as mentioned in the original post, I have been unable to locate any commands or settings for MusicCast or for directly selecting streaming services for the receiver device itself.

Can you please explain how to add a Yamaha MusicCast device when there is no such device that shows up in auto discovery. I have been unable to locate any SC documentation that addresses this. Thanks.

This assumes “recent model” means it has MusicCast which is the case for anything that would actually be a recent model. Contact support if you need assistance with determining your model functionality.