Yamaha RX-A1000 Pandora playlist

Anyone have ideas what the IP control code or IP code sequence may be to change to another Pandora playlist? Even cycling through the list that shows up in the Roomie app would be a nice improvement. I can see about 6 of the playlist item names my account has set up in the Roomie Pandora info module but I cannot select any of them or cycle through them… I tried all the commands listed. Sure I can use the Yamaha app to select the playlist and Roomie can skip to the next song within the current playlist but it’s not as slick as it could be if I could switch playlists… thanks for any ideas!

Same issue for me also. I have a Yamaha rx-v871 and figured out how to control each zone independantly. In zone 2, that attaches to my whole house audio I would like to be able to change between playlists/stations. I can see 8 of my 20+ stations and also can see the info on which song is currently playing but cannot figure out how to give a thumbs down to a song or change stations.


Anyone have news on this? does the Roomie SDK offer any methods to send control codes if we knew what they were? since the Yamaha iPad control app does it, there’s a method somehow…

We setup an RX-A2000 which should be pretty much the same and can’t replicate any problem there. Cycling through the list of Pandora playlists works fine when music is not playing. So if Pandora is currently playing, you would need to hit STOP then use the CURSOR buttons to move up or down to the desired Pandora station and then hit PLAY.

I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I tried stopping Pandora and then trying to change the station to no avail. I tried to post a screen shot of what i see when using roomie to control the Yamaha Receiver but can’t see a way to uplaod an image.

Can this not be done or am I missing something painfully obvious?


did you figure it out yet? I have had no luck trying to get this to work as the roomie said they did on the rx-a2000.

Roomie, Conan you explain in detail how you set up the a2000? It seems both of us have set up our receivers the same way that is causing us to not have the full funcunality that you have with the a2000.

Any help would be appreciated since now we have to switch between apps in order to control pandora which somewhat defeats the purpose of a universal remote.



If I stop the stream using the STOP button in Roomie then I can indeed navigate my playlists but it does not scroll correctly once it hits the last item it loops to another set of playlists and then I cannot select the one I want - really buggy. I can select the first 7 or 8 playlists but then rest don’t select : ( bummer. Also, clicking the next song works if you stop the stream first. It’s real clunky at best and rather buggy. I wish roomie would build a nice Pandora module like this did with iTunes but perhaps that’s hard to pull off since every Receiver mfgr implements this using different methods and interfacing / feedback. Who knows, it works sort of but not well right now on my RX-A1000.

Most likely all of the issues described are intrinsic to the interfaces provided by Yamaha and will vary between models especially between model years as they make many improvements each model year in these areas, but we’ll take a quick look tomorrow at the scrolling issue to make sure as we don’t recall ever seeing that on our test RX-A2000 or also on the RX-A3010.

loops to another set of playlists

Do you mean it scrolls down in your Pandora playlists so you simply can’t select playlist #8 or #9, or to some unrelated list?

Thanks for the reply roomie.

mine does not allow the changing of any playlist even after I press stop. cursor controls are useless. Not even sure how it picks which playlist it start playing when I turn on pandora through roomie.

We found the source of bertf’s scrolling issue. That is fixed in 1.8.

Yay ! thank you ! looking fwd to trying it. Any chance of a real Pandora or Spotify module within Roomie (like the iTunes module you have?). It would be so cool to have a robust interface for either/both directly within Roomie instead of trying to make use of what Yamaha has since we can stream from our iPads…

I can’t get Pandora to change playlists in roomie. I have a Yamaha RX-A3000. Pandora will play, stop, go to next song, but will NOT change to a different playlist. Anyone have the same issue? The thread above seems to state users having a similar issue, but I did not see a resolution.

To change Pandora playlists, you hit the Return button until the screen changes to the playlist view.

Thank you.

It does work for me. I click STOP, then use the cursor arrows to move up/down to select another playlist, then click the center button on the arrow pad or the PLAY button to start another playlist… I do wish the text was a bit larger for the Song info readout. it’s really small. but it does work now in 1.8 on my RX-A1000