Yamaha RX-A2020 "SERVER" input


very new user of Roomie on a freshly acquired iPad.

I have a European version of the Yamaha RX-A2020 AVR, and am trying to figure out the appropriate command to assign the receiver the “SERVER” source. The web controller for the Yamaha has this input, labeled as “SERVER” and I find it very handy when using it as a DLNA renderer.

However, in Roomie, I cannot find this input for the Yamaha, using the test remote - the input is just not there although a number of others are, such as Sirius or Pandora, which we cannot use in the EU.

Any thoughts?

Also, can confirm, have a European version of the Samsung 55ES8000, and Roomie can turn it ON. :slight_smile:

This input was indeed missing so we just deployed that to the production library. If you tap ‘Last Update’, you should see that the next time you open an associated Activity.

Thank you.

Much appreciated. Can check and confirm later today.

Just confirmed, the SERVER input is here, and works as it should.