Yamaha RX-A660 - advanced controls


Been using 4.5 for a while, loving it. I have a straightforward setup - IP connection to my AVR & PJ, and simple blaster IR to my xbox one. Everything works well, except there are some settings on the Yamaha that I can’t seem to control. Specifically SubWoofer volume. I can set this via the Yamaha’s ipaddress/setup config web page, or via OSD using the original remote, or the Yamaha App however I’d rather stay in one app to do everything I need.

Sub volume is something I often tinker with, as soundtrack/music mixes vary a lot in terms of how much LFE there is and late at night I tend to want to turn it down.

I can’t figure a way to add this particular volume control to the Yamaha Remote Template.

Any ideas?

I also have a Yammy AV receiver. I have found that while SC gives me something like 300+ available commands, it’s not enough. For example, most notably, the “ON SCREEN” button (which brings up the settings) isn’t available via SC. Also, when you select ON SCREEN, the cursor set changes. I had to create a new device that was the receiver with IR control (via a blaster). Then I learned the additional commands. When I send those commands, I do it via the IR receiver device. Sounds kludgy huh? As long as I have a cable DVR (comes free with the neighborhood), I will need IR. Adding another IR device was no big deal.
I’m guessing your SW volume is one of those commands. Good luck.