Yamaha RX-V673

First let me start by saying that I think Roomie is probably the best app I have purchased and while upgrading my kit I am conscious of devices that work as well as possible via IP.

I have setup Roomie to control my Yamaha 673 and in order to use the feedback across multiple devices I have used the YNC method you suggest.

The problem I have is that there are less options available with this method and some do not work also (mode - straight for example) and the feedback is not as nice as using the usual method (mode above the volume).

Are there just less options using the multi connect route or are there features to be added?

YNC definitely has a ways to go before it is at feature parity to the default/normal Yamaha receiver control method. We will revisit it in the future. If you need any of the feedback/etc. from the default method, we’d recommend using that instead.

Thank you.

Roomie 1.9 seems to have lost the YNC option - was this intentional?

We were able to add it just now using 1.9.0. YNC is added via Manual IP. What are you seeing that indicates an issue here?

Thank you.

I already had it as a device but after updating to 1.9 it was in red in the devices list and no commands worked. I will delete the existing device and re-add.

Same exact receiver here and after updating to 1.9 I had to delete and re-add the receiver for it to work. Looks like you consolidated all Yamaha receivers in this release? Instead of Yamaha 673 mine now said something like “Yamaha 2011+” when I added it back.

Not that it matters, but anyone with a yamaha receiver might just have to delete/re-add the device after updating to 1.9