YouTube TV

So, in the last month or so I have been unable to swipe within the YouTube TV app on an Apple TV. Worked fine for several months with no issue. Nothing has changed other that iOS updates and I can’t recall if the issue lined up with a release of an update or not.

In the configuration I have an Apple TV 4K 2021 version, a Samsung Q900A, and an Integra DRX-3.4 receiver. Swiping within the Roomie app works fine from anywhere else. I have closed all the apps and restarted the Apple TV but that hasn’t helped either. Maybe it’s a YouTube TV issue, I have had problems in that app before while using the Apple TV Companion in the sequence.

That issue existed with YouTube in beta and we fixed it in a generalized way. Maybe it exists still in YouTube TV, not sure we don’t use that. Try the AppleTV Companion control method.

Will, the companion device for Apple TV works as designed. Thank you. Is there a reason why I wouldn’t use the companion for all activities or rooms?

The two control methods are both perfectly valid. They have different features. For instance, the Companion method allows explicit app launching and obviously in your case fixes some navigation issue with YouTube TV. Meanwhile, the Airplay method has more feedback and numerous other differences like support for voice commands. Use whichever works for you – using both is perfectly fine as well such as launching an app with one and controlling with the other.

I’m not understanding how to get the gesture pad to work when using YouTube tv app on Apple TV. The gesture pad works everywhere else except on YouTube tv. Please help and let me know some solutions to get it to work again. It was working and only stopped in the last few weeks now.

See the thread above your message which covers exactly that.

I have same issue: Roomie Remote works for all apps except YouTube TV. Pardon ignorance, but what do you mean by Apple TV Companion control method?

When you add device, you see two selections for modern Apple TVs. One says Airplay, one says Companion. They’re totally different.

I’ll update my situation now with the two devices. I recently bought a new 2022 version of the Apple TV 4K and have both the AirPlay and Companion devices show up in Roomie. In the activity is just the Airplay device and the AVR and TV. I now have all the feedback and swipe control. I think, and maybe Will can verify, that the newer Apple TV may respond differently and provide the result I wanted. Needless to say, my combination is working and am very happy.

I will be checking out soon also. . . will be replacing older ATV with 2022 ATV.

Thanks for explanation. Something I didn’t notice when set up my other Apple TVs before.