Z-Wave - HomeSeer

Any chance of getting a HomeSeer module for Z-Wave built?

If not, or in the mean time, does anyone know the proper URLs for doing this? The results that pop up on Google (using executeHS.asp) doesn’t seem to exist anymore, and I can’t find anything else.

Thanks in advance for any help!

xxx.xxx.x.xxx:port/executeHS.asp … SEventName

Works fine for me.

Make sure that the event name has no spaces

Use open URL silently in Safari

You need to set up the .asp page in the HomeSeer HTML folder

See this post:

board.homeseer.com/showthread.ph … ost1033551

Thanks - I’m an idiot… I read that post, and promptly ignored the first part that said “copy this into a file in your HTML directory”… Done, and it works.

That being said - deeper integration into Roomie for two-way light information (see the current status of Z-Wave devices) would be really useful.

Any chance this is coming, or any chance of opening this up to allow the HomeSeer community (a big one) to develop it?

I agree homeseer integration would be awesome. Is this on the Roomie road map?