Z Wave

Any plans to interface this with MiOS so we can control Z Wave lighting, shades and HVAC devices through Vera?

We don’t have a definite plan on internal support for Vera. We have test hardware though so it’s a pretty good possibility.

However, we do know for sure that multiple users have been successful at integrating Vera with Roomie using raw URL commands. We have some sample custom command files we can send you as a starting point if you email support we’ll send them over.

Any additional support for controlling lights would be welcomed by many, I think! As far as I’m concerned it’s an essential part of a universal remote. After all, you want all the lights to automatically dim when you press ‘play’ :wink:.

I mean, you could easily turn it into another in-app purchase, a ‘home control’ bundle or something like that.

I would buy it!! :wink:

I would also purchase it.

It would be a huge bonus to have it. Really the only disappointment I’ve had with Roomie. I know several zwave users who would like to see it too.

ZWave support would be a huge plus!

Everyone commenting on this would like to use the Vera devices, is that correct? There seem to be some other more obscure controllers as well. We just want to make sure we add the right device.

Personally I was thinking about the Vera, indeed.

I have a Vera device and would really like to have Z-Wave compatibility with Roomie.

I have a Vera which I would like to control

"Everyone commenting on this would like to use the Vera devices, is that correct? "

Yes, bought the app yesterday - awaiting Vera (and more extensively Sonos) to be supported.
Many thanks! :slight_smile:

“Everyone commenting on this would like to use the Vera devices, is that correct? ”

I would love to see support for Homeseer

Homeseer has a large following and there are many developers on their forum, who might be able to help with a plugin.

Integration with generic secondary Z-wave controller might also work.

Support for light control on the Vera devices just went live in the latest command set library update. Auto-detection for those devices is not part of Roomie 1.6 so it should be added via Manual IP on port 3480.


Here is how to integrate with HomeSeer and Z-Wave control:
board.homeseer.com/showthread.ph … erid=42673

Roomie lets you use a silent URL as a device command.

I had to make sure that the URL had HTTP:// e,g,

HS IP/executeHS.asp?event=TestLightsOn

Works great to trigger a HomeSeer event. I haven’t noticed any appreciable lag.


I use Nexia (formally Schlage), but their light controls appear to be universally compatible with other z wave controllers. Perhaps a universal z wave controller Canberra be part the what Roomie offers.