Zidoo Z9X Pro + JVC Power Off


I finally got my Flex all hooked up and setting up the remote now.

I am having a problem with one of my devices that I can’t seem to figure out. I have a Zidoo Z9X Pro the new model. After adding all my devices and creating a activity to watch a movie which is my Marantz, Zidoo, and JVC Projector. The problem is when using the remote to control the Zidoo I have to double tabe every button twice before anything happens on the Zidoo interface. Example if I want to move left than I have to tap left arrow 2 times quickly back to back.

The other problem is powering things off. If I hit the power button at the top right nothing happens and if I swipe left on the activity and select “Off” nothing happens. Also keep in mind the JVC needs to be confirmed with a 2nd power off command. So I need to figure that up too.

I am new to this and excited to get this all setup and work.

On another topic I do want to ask this. I order the Blaster by Global Cache and it seems to be a very narrow blasting path. Are there any other Blasters that work with it that have a wider range like the Harmony Hub one did? In my theater I have all my devices on one wall and the projector in front of it a few feet hanging on the cieling and on the other side facing the projector and all my devices is where I have the Flex and the Blaster. So it has a direct line of site.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Are the above two sentence fragments related? You don’t control Zidoo via IR. It is an IP control device (add manually on port 9529 per the Compatibility page of the website). I have a Z9X Pro right here and it does not exhibit any doubling, so I’m thinking you probably tried to go IR (which could in principle also be used for control, but no need to refine your codeset given IP control is a better choice here anyway.)

JVC Power Off simply needs to have a delay inserted between two power commands.

GC’s blaster field of view is relative to its distance from the target. Move it further away. Alternatively, and given you’re just starting out this is probably not a good path for you, but you can always hookup other IR stuff to GC’s adapters such as Xantech’s line:


Xantech’s products require this adapter cable:

But again, in your case, just move it further away. It has a wide field if you’re far enough away.

Thank you so much for your response. I didn’t realize that IP worked on it. That is working great now.

I am trying to setup a Sony X800M2 BluRay Player and I confirmed with Sony it wasn’t IP controllable. However none of the code sets built into GC work with it. So you have any solutions with that?

In regards to moving the Blaster back, I currently have it about 8 feet away with clear line of sit of my rack.

The M2 is a non-IP model. Just about anything out there these days works better with IP control. For the M2, as you surmised, you need IR control.

You’re describing a common Sony issue that is well-documented. See item 5 here: