Zone A and B toggles (on/off) on Yamaha Receiver

I have a Yamaha RX-V573, and its physical remote has two Zone buttons - “A” and “B” — for enabling/disabling the zones. However, those buttons are missing from Rommie’s virtual remote.

So, I thought I’d customize the remote and add those buttons, but there are not available commands for “Zone.”

So I thought I’d use infrared learning to teach those commands, but when adding a new device (per the instructions, here on the site) the learning interface steps through a preset list of commands that it believes are “appropriate” for the device.

So, how do I add Zone A and Zone B buttons to my remote?

And finally, I’ll need those buttons to appear in the receiver’s remote as a manual remote, because when I’m viewing TV, for example, the receiver’s remote is not the active one. But when I edit the receiver’s device entry, I don’t see the options for customizing the remote design, the way I do when editing an activity.

So, if there’s a better way to accomplish this, I’d appreciate that guidance.


The 573 is IP controllable, so just to confirm are you using IP control as it sounds like you may be using IR control for that.

The solution is basically the same in both cases. Commands are separated by zone. If you want to control two zones at the same time, you would need to add both the Zone 1 device and Zone 2 device. Commands for Zone 2 will be in the Zone 2 device. Via infrared that is labelled Yamaha: RX/RS Series Zone 2 All Models (Stereo Receiver). Via IP, that is labelled Yamaha 2011+ Models Zone 2.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using IP control. But Roomie’s learn function requires infrared, and I was thinking I’d have to use the physical Yamaha remote to teach Roomie the “A” and “B” commands.

I now understand that zones are treated as separate devices. But I think there’s a caveat:

I don’t play separate material via the separate zones. Zone A feeds the speakers in my master bedroom, and Zone B feeds the speakers in the adjacent bathroom. In the bathroom, there’s a physical volume knob, but sometimes, when in bed, I realize I forgot to turn that volume down in the bathroom. When that happens, on the Yamaha remote I can just tap the “B” button to immediately disable Zone B.

More often than not, it’s TV audio I’m controlling, and the DirecTV remote is the active one. That’s why I wanted to:

(a) Add the Zone A and Zone B on/off buttons to the Yamaha virtual remote; and

(b) Add those same buttons to the DirecTV virtual remote, for easier access.

If I add Zone A and Zone B as separate devices, what command would I use to mimic the physical on/off buttons? (In other words, is it possible, while listening to Zone A, to have a button that enables/disables Zone B, without having to actually switch devices?)

I apologize if the method for doing this seems obvious to you. It’s just that it’s not yet clear to me. :slight_smile:


Yes, if you add both the Zone 1 and Zone 2 devices, you can add buttons to the Virtual Remote using the Remote Design editor to power either zone on or off on demand.

Just to clarify, all of those codes are built-in over IP (and IR), you wont need to use learning.

Thank you.