How about some native Zwave support?

It would be nice to be able to use a simple zwave interface, such as the Leviton 232 plug in interface.

It looks like you have Zwave support for Vera. It would be nice to offer Zwave support for all Zwave users, not just Vera users.

The Leviton 232 Module would fullfill that, and it can work in parallel with other automation systems.

Thanks, Pete

I think the issue is that you need a central brain. The Leviton 232 just passes commands through, it doesn’t have any smarts.

If you look at the RadioRa2 integration, your talking to the central brain, which then communicates to each individual switch. The same goes for Vera, it’s the central brain talking to the Z-Wave switches. (I run both devices currently as I am in the process of replacing all of my Lutron Z-Wave switches with RadioRa2 switches)

So it’s Roomie talking to a single device which then communicates to the switches. Not Roomie trying to talk to and manage all the individual switches. Roomie could run out of horsepower if it’s trying to manage all that on the individual device. Maybe in Roomie OS X agent?

That is not entirely correct.

I have another ios remote (that i dislike) that does this just fine. it does not manage the network. I’ve got an incompatible zwave mangement system (homeseer). The 232 module is a secondary controller on my network. The other system simply sends strings to do this. Node 23 On, for example. I’m sure it is similar to what Roomie sends to Vera.

My point is that if Roomie could talk directly to the zwave network, it could then be compatible with all zwave systems, not relying on Vera etc. Vera etc. could still exist as the primary zwave management system.

Good call on RA2. i wish i’d gone with that before i invested in Zwave.