Hello Roomie,

At this time is there any way to integrate my Z-Wave Light switches into my Roomie Remote? The WeMo just does not work for me it never stays connected. I have the old Revolv hub (now discontinued) and I would really love to replace it with Roomie what hardware hub do i need to communicate to these devices with Roomie? Will SmartThings work?



The most common Z-wave controller we work with is Vera:

They are well integrated. We recently added door lock support and there are the beginnings of even thermostat support there – not on the level of Nest with a full UI, but the commands are there. Certainly form a light switch perspective, that is the most well integrated. Apparently there is now a Z-wave option for the Universal Devices ISY, so that might also work.

Thank you.

Thank you, do you guys work with SmartThings? I have heard that the Vera is very hard to use and program? Do I still use your interface to do the programming? How do I pair my switch with the Vera? Can I have the Revolv and the Vera both be paired at the same time? I still have the Revolv and it works well for a few things but I know its discontinued and I would love to replace it with Roomie.

The Vera is easy to program and if you look on the list of supported devices it is the only Z-Wave controller that natively works with Roomie. You still use the Roomie interface to do the programming and you pair your switches through the Vera device.