2013 Panasonic TV's Wake on LAN


Do the 2013 Panasonic TV’s support Wake on LAN power on? This article: roomieremote.com/news/tv-ip-control-ces2013/ makes it sound like they do, yet my ST60 doesn’t seem to respond to +WAKE ON LAN. Is this a setup issue in roomie or does the ST60 not support wake on lan?

Good question. We don’t have any tests yet on production 2013 Panasonic TV models which is why we do not yet list them as compatible. Whatever manufacturers represent at an expo may or may not translate to real products. Have you looked for the Wake on LAN option on the TV? It has never been as simple as just configuring Roomie. Various aspects must also be configured on the TV. Also, Ethernet has traditionally been a requirement for the 2012 models that support full IP control. Are you using Ethernet or Wi-Fi? Also, is this a US model? International models in 2012 never had WoL.

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US model, ethernet, can’t find a Wake on LAN reference in the manual/settings menu. Not looking good…


Note that, if WoL were to work, you wouldn’t need a Power Toggle there anyway.

The ST50 models never worked for Power via IP so hoping that the ST60 models would work this year was a long shot (though the Panasonic people did say that). We’d assume that the VT60 and ZT60 would still have WoL.

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I have just received a vt60 will get test in a bit band report back


Sorry about the last, iPhone spell check.


I have a new vt60 and will test the wake on LAN and report back soon

Did WOL work for you?

Sorry for the delay. Working on playing with the video calibration settings. Tried wake on lan and worked great. The +wake command work good.

So VT and ZT models are both plasma TVs… do any of the LED-based Panasonic TVs have WOL support?

I have 2 LED TVs, one ETW60 and other WTW60 and I can’t wake them on LAN

If anyone can, Id be interested to know how


It seems clear now that Panasonic maintained exactly the same functionality for Wake on LAN for this year’s models as their 2012 models. The two top of the line models have it (VT60/ZT60, a la the VT50/GT50), the others require infrared.

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According to the manual for 2012 WT50 (LED), it supports Wake On LAN

manualowl.com/m/Panasonic/TC … ual/270646

I can’t seem to find a manual on the new WT60. I’ve got a WT50 on order, supposed to be delivered next week. Will test it out and report back.

The WT50 manual is very convincing. If someone has that model, we’d definitely recommend giving Wake on LAN a try as there’s no mistaking Panasonic’s document says it should work. The WT60 has the same reference.

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It’ll be here early next week so I’ll try it out and post my results.

The Panasonic WT50 does, indeed, respond to Wake On LAM commands. Now I have to figure out how to configure Roomie to do what I want it to do as it seems to toggle power on/off when I select various activities where I have initiated a WOL command for startup…

If you use +WAKE ON LAN commands, don’t also use POWER TOGGLE and also make sure never to specify the unit as a Power Device for an Activity.

Basically, the way the Panasonic TVs work is that you want to turn off Track Power State, turn off Power for All Activities, put a +WAKE ON LAN command into each Activity, and put a POWER TOGGLE into your System Off Activity. Since the unit only responds to POWER TOGGLE when turned on, that ends up working out perfectly.

Thank you.

That worked… thanks.

is there a list of additional strings that can be sent to the Panasonic TV? In particular, I’d like to send it a specific INPUT port to switch when I start a specific activity and only see INPUT NEXT in the basic list of commands.

Disregard - I found the info I was looking for in this post:


Panasonic EU confirmed that ETW and WTW60 (2013 models) dont support WOL and there is no plan for any update will. Certainly due to ECO power regulations in Europe (or anyway where I live Switzerland)