Apple TV tvOS 15: Launchable App Names

Sample list of launchable app names for use with the new .APP LAUNCH command. These can be retrieved using the .APP LIST command and then looking at the pinch to zoom log if you need more.

Launchable Applications: {
    "com.8player" = "8player Pro";
    "" = "Prime Video";
    "com.amctve.amcfullepisodes" = AMC;
    "" = Arcade;
    "" = Fitness;
    "" = "App Store";
    "" = "iBooks StoryTime";
    "" = Computers;
    "" = Movies;
    "" = Music;
    "" = Photos;
    "" = Search;
    "" = Settings;
    "" = "TV Shows";
    "" = TV;
    "" = TestFlight;
    "" = Trailers;
    "" = Podcasts;
    "" = "DIRECTV STREAM";
    "" = "Paramount+";
    "com.criterionchannel" = Criterion;
    "" = "Animal Planet GO";
    "com.disney.WATCHDisneyChannel" = DisneyNOW;
    "com.disney.disneyplus" = "Disney+";
    "" = "FOX NOW";
    "com.foxnews.nation" = "Fox Nation";
    "" = YouTube;
    "" = "HBO GO";
    "" = "HBO Max";
    "" = Hulu;
    "com.mtvn.Nickelodeon" = Nick;
    "com.nbcuni.bravo.bravonow" = Bravo;
    "" = Netflix;
    "com.netgear.arlo" = Arlo;
    "" = PCalc;
    "com.peacocktv.peacock" = Peacock;
    "com.plexapp.plex" = Plex;
    "com.sega.kartios" = "Sonic Racing";
    "" = "Showtime Anytime";
    "com.spotify.client" = Spotify;
    "com.starz.starzplay" = STARZ;
    "com.timewarnercable.simulcast" = "Spectrum TV";
    "" = "Just Dance Now";
    "org.videolan.vlc-ios" = VLC;
    "tv.mrmc.mrmc.tvos" = MrMC;
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How about HDHomeRun?

Sorry I am not able to exactly figure out this command…what exactly I should enter say if l were to launch YouTube into the launch app command in ATV

APP Launch [__________]

Please help with the exact text to enter in this space.


Never mind I got it after few tries…

FYI HDHomeRun is com.silicondust.hdhomerun

All is good thanks for adding this great feature

I got few emails asking me how it works…

In an activity simply add device ATV, then add command Launch App then in the blank space enter com.silicondust.hdhomerun

For YouTube just enter In the blank space, no other characters for the list above

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Does this support deep linking?

I’m sure this is an easy fix, but I can’t locate the the launch app command within the ATV list. When I go to activities, enter setup and add a command, I don’t even have that option in the commands. I am trying this on an ATV 4K, purchased within the last 10-12 months.

I thought perhaps it was my subscription level, that I didn’t qualify for that function. I am using Roomie 7.3.1, build 2390.

There are two ATV4 code sets. The one labelled “Companion” is the one with the .APPLICATION LAUNCH command. You can add both.

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How about Youtube TV (streaming TV service separate from standard Youtube)?

I found this website that will give you any bundle ID you need.

This is outstanding… thank you.

Finally getting a chance to try this out. The app launch works great for YouTubeTV, although I’m having an issue with the activity now.

First, I have both Apple TV’s in the sequence, is that wrong? I just added the Companion device to launch the app. So, not sure if that’s the correct thing to do, or to replace the AirPlay version.

Second, the activity doesn’t seem to launch correctly, once the TV didn’t turn on and the next time the video was shrunk to 1/4 size and in the top left corner. So I think I may have done something wrong in the setup now.

Not related to Roomie.

Ok, I’ll try and recreate the activity and see what happens.

Just needed a restart of the Apple TV and all is fine. Odd thing is, it was shrinking the channel playing, but the menu was normal full screen. All is well now.

Hi all,
Reworking my Roomie setup after a long whole away. Trying to take advantage of the revamped Apple TV support to launch apps with custom buttons, but I cannot get the Companion codeset to come up when adding devices. I have two ATV 4K v2 and one v1. I’ve deleted and re-added them, enabled any user connection, and rebooted all devices (ATVs and iPhones running Roomie). Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Hallo to all,

I miss one app what i can use with app launch.
When i add an activity, “watch appletv” i would like to have app launch “Roomie TV”, as a stop command, to have Roomie TV on foreground again.

So what is the app launch command for this?

That one is “com.roomie.unified”.

Thx, Will