AppleTV OS 15 Compatibility?

Is there compatibility with TVOS 15 (beta) currently? If so, is there anything different needed about how we set it up with Roomie?

I have not heard of any issues in this area.

On iOS15 beta 3, my iPhone connected and communicated perfectly (like it always has) to my ATV4k (first gen).

Once upgraded to TVOS 15, all ability to communicate with it stopped. I also can detect the device, but cannot control it whatsoever.

I have a second ATV4k that can still be controlled just fine as it’s on TVOS 14.7.

I’m not expecting any solution or anything as I’m working with beta software, but I am hoping that letting you know about this, you might be able to keep an eye out for others having any issues.

I have 3 ATVs, but the one with beta OS15 doesn’t work either.

I would note that this happens every Summer with betas so we don’t usually spend time on it until September. Would be a huge waste of time to pay attention to it early because the tvOS betas are often broken in ways that become irrelevant the next build. But as usual we spend most of the Summer on major feature development so any minor fixes for things like this would appear in beta fairly quickly but would not likely be released in a point release. Our TestFlight beta program continues on as always. The beta topics on this forum are also live but require me to grant access on request via PM.

I would love to be part of the test program if possible. What should I do to apply for access?


Having now spent significant time on this, I would note that everyone should plan to delay slightly their upgrade to tvOS 15. Major surprise changes under the hood in tvOS have broken literally everything on the market related to tvOS control. As often occurs, WWDC is not the last word so surprise changes like this can happen at the last minute. Indeed, further changes might change even this. The nature of the changes in this case is quite dramatic, so this will not be a quick fix.

The good news is we have a fairly clear path to a new solution, but it is safe to say nothing that exists today will work for AppleTV control on tvOS 15. I’m hopeful we will have a solution around the GM of tvOS 15, but time is way too tight to ensure that at this point.

Consider returning back to tvOS 14 for now any AppleTVs that have already been updated. You can safely assume we will add support for tvOS 15 and any delay past GM will be minimized.

tvOS 15 support is now part of the current Roomie 7 betas. To join beta, use the “Submit Bug” button in the app and ask to join. Include your forum name as well.

Based on the GM release of iOS/tvOS and the current state of Roomie beta, what should we expect next week?

Do you recommend holding off on either iOS or tvOS upgrades pending additional development time?

Seems to be working fine in beta. We have already sent the GM to Apple. But this is the busy period, it could take an hour or it could take 30 days. There is no way to know. At a basic level, you would want to hold off updating tvOS until you knew you were running Roomie 7, and that is in Apple’s hands to release in a timely fashion. We did make it so that we avoided anything that requires iOS 15 (such as building with Xcode 13) so that Apple doesn’t dump us into the queue of “waiting for iOS 15 to ship” apps.

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We have last minute spots open for those wishing to test against tvOS 15 in beta. Please use the following TestFlight link:

Make a backup beforehand just to be safe. Email any issues to if you don’t have beta forum access here. Please avoid the TestFlight reporting mechanism as it doesn’t go directly to us and often we are unable to reply to that so can’t diagnose anything.