AppleTV OS 15 Compatibility?

Is there compatibility with TVOS 15 (beta) currently? If so, is there anything different needed about how we set it up with Roomie?

I have not heard of any issues in this area.

On iOS15 beta 3, my iPhone connected and communicated perfectly (like it always has) to my ATV4k (first gen).

Once upgraded to TVOS 15, all ability to communicate with it stopped. I also can detect the device, but cannot control it whatsoever.

I have a second ATV4k that can still be controlled just fine as it’s on TVOS 14.7.

I’m not expecting any solution or anything as I’m working with beta software, but I am hoping that letting you know about this, you might be able to keep an eye out for others having any issues.

I have 3 ATVs, but the one with beta OS15 doesn’t work either.

I would note that this happens every Summer with betas so we don’t usually spend time on it until September. Would be a huge waste of time to pay attention to it early because the tvOS betas are often broken in ways that become irrelevant the next build. But as usual we spend most of the Summer on major feature development so any minor fixes for things like this would appear in beta fairly quickly but would not likely be released in a point release. Our TestFlight beta program continues on as always. The beta topics on this forum are also live but require me to grant access on request via PM.

I would love to be part of the test program if possible. What should I do to apply for access?


Having now spent significant time on this, I would note that everyone should plan to delay slightly their upgrade to tvOS 15. Major surprise changes under the hood in tvOS have broken literally everything on the market related to tvOS control. As often occurs, WWDC is not the last word so surprise changes like this can happen at the last minute. Indeed, further changes might change even this. The nature of the changes in this case is quite dramatic, so this will not be a quick fix.

The good news is we have a fairly clear path to a new solution, but it is safe to say nothing that exists today will work for AppleTV control on tvOS 15. I’m hopeful we will have a solution around the GM of tvOS 15, but time is way too tight to ensure that at this point.

Consider returning back to tvOS 14 for now any AppleTVs that have already been updated. You can safely assume we will add support for tvOS 15 and any delay past GM will be minimized.

tvOS 15 support is now part of the current Roomie 7 betas. To join beta, use the “Submit Bug” button in the app and ask to join. Include your forum name as well.

Based on the GM release of iOS/tvOS and the current state of Roomie beta, what should we expect next week?

Do you recommend holding off on either iOS or tvOS upgrades pending additional development time?

Seems to be working fine in beta. We have already sent the GM to Apple. But this is the busy period, it could take an hour or it could take 30 days. There is no way to know. At a basic level, you would want to hold off updating tvOS until you knew you were running Roomie 7, and that is in Apple’s hands to release in a timely fashion. We did make it so that we avoided anything that requires iOS 15 (such as building with Xcode 13) so that Apple doesn’t dump us into the queue of “waiting for iOS 15 to ship” apps.

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We have last minute spots open for those wishing to test against tvOS 15 in beta. Please use the following TestFlight link:

[link removed, this release is going live on the App Store]

Make a backup beforehand just to be safe. Email any issues to if you don’t have beta forum access here. Please avoid the TestFlight reporting mechanism as it doesn’t go directly to us and often we are unable to reply to that so can’t diagnose anything.

Hello, are you going to post here when version 7 is available and it is ok to update to tvOS 15? Thank you.

I accidentally switched ATV auto update and got TV OS 15 and as expected lost control…just installed RR 7.0 beta and wow back on track.

RR team : you guys rock, keep you the great work !

Roomie 7 is now going live on all platforms. This process generally takes up to a day worldwide. The website needs many updates, but we felt the tvOS 15 support was more important so we’ve released this prior to updating website and setup guide. See the announcement and what’s new information for further details.

We are aware that some small number of users don’t have tvOS 15 support working in V7. We’re continuing to try to nail that down and expect it to resolve in the coming weeks as we also add additional features back to the new control method. Feel free to ping support (use “Submit Bug” inside the app) if you are already running V7 and unable to control tvOS 15 just so we continue to have visibility on exactly for whom or why it is not working in some cases.

Just upgraded my ATV’s to voice commands with Siri for opening apps last month after years of using cursor commands. I have 12 ATV 4k’s. I only updated to tvOS 15 on the 7 that are not associated with Roomie. I tested one out and Roomie v7 is controlling it properly. However as stated, voice commands using Siri and ATV have been lost with the upgrade. I have not updated to tvOS 15 for ATV’s that I built voice commands for through Roomie. I would advise the same for anyone here until notified that voice commands are working in v7.

We have quite a few TVs, a mix of HDs, 4K 1st gen, and 4K 2nd gen split across my and my wife’s accounts (we have separate media servers even though we are on the Apple Family Plan - don’t ask). Roomie Remote works perfectly fine controlling my TVs on tvOS15, but won’t control hers. Successfully submits the pin - then nothing. No matter the controlling device or which of her TVs, it just won’t work with hers.

Got to be something account related.

I installed IOS 15 on my IPads and iPhone which already had the Roomie V7 app installed. The Roomie V7 app will not stay open on any of my IOS devices. The Roomie app crashes as soon as I open it 95 percent of the time. Sometimes the app will stay open until I try to start an activity, then it closes. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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I’m running large config with multiple IOS devices and haven’t had any issues after a day of iOS 15 and Roomie v7.

Thanks. I may have figured out what was causing Roomie to constantly crash. Somehow a second Home was added to my configuration on the Homes tab. The app stayed open long enough for me to delete the unknown home and the app isn’t crashing anymore. I hope that was the problem because I really like the Roomie app.

Done a bit more playing this morning and something is definitely not playing nicely crossing my VLANs/subnets. My main LAN is untagged as is my main/trusted WIFi network. Main WiFi is where I connect our trusted devices. VLAN 20 is my IoT network (it also has a dedicated SSID) and this is where my ATV devices are located. My Primary controller was on my main WIFi (changed to IoT WiFi during my tests) and has been since I set it up 18 months ago. With my Roomie clients all on my main WiFi, I am able to auto discover the Apple TV Companions but when I try to control, I get a momentary pop up with a pairing pin on the ATV that quickly disappears and no corresponding pop up on my Roomie client.

First, I moved my iPhone to my IoT SSID from the main WIFi. Then I went to the Devices tab and pressed + and selected the same ATV Companion that I had already setup. I clicked Test and when the remote screen came up I got the pairing pin prompt as well as a pairing pin on the ATV which stayed up for entry. After successfully pairing, I am able to control the ATV.

Next, I tried using my Primary controller, but the results were unchanged. I then moved the Primary controller to the IoT SSID and had the same pairing/control success as with my iPhone.

When I put either device back on the main SSID, the behavior reverted to the original state (brief pin, unable to pair).

So something is amiss with my network that is causing this to not behave correctly. My firewall settings drop the IoT network from reaching my main LAN but allows established/related connections. I also have a rule that allows traffic from the IoT network to my Primary controller’s IP address on the main LAN (IP changes when it connects to the IoT SSID).

Would you consider allowing Apple TV Companion connections to be relayed through the Primary controller? I can have the Primary controller live on the IoT network but my clients need to be on the main LAN. If control works from the Primary controller and it could relay from clients that would put this in a usable state for me. - this YouTube incorporates many of the principles for my network segregation and firewall rules as an illustration.