Belkin wemo

hi, any plans for roomie support of the belkin wemo? thanks!


I second that. I have 5 switches and would love that!

It looks like that box doesn’t quite have an API yet: … ind_of_api

One could reverse engineer something now and use our custom device DDK to create a device, but waiting a bit sounds like what the manufacturer would recommend.

Any plans to add WeMo to the list of components?

Please support the Belkin WeMo AC control. Note that this device works OUTSIDE the LAN.

Is there a way of integrating this into Roomie rather than using Belkin’s App?

Is there any plan to integrate the Belkin WiFi Wemo devices?

hi all, if you’re looking for something like wemo i’d suggest you look @ insteon. a little pricy but you can control practically everything in your home with their devices, controllers and roomie…

Integrating IFTTT would be nice so that we can control the wemo.

Hoping you guys saw this

Looking for support for Wemo as well. They released a new switch today that I’d like integrated.

Please Integrale support for the belkin wemo…

I am considering Insteon and Belkin Wemo. I think the Belkin solution is better for me. They have an API now. Do you have it scheduled for development and adding to Roomie Remote?

I have multiple Belkin WeMo switches that I use to reset equipment in hard to reach areas, and it would be great to have support for this in the app… Do you think it will happen?

We have one. Their SDK is useless, but we’re likely to add support for the devices directly at some point soon.

Thank you.

This support is now live.

Thank you.

Great! Thank you for the quick response on this. This is a great solution over insteon as it does not require an additional ap or master device.

Just bought some Wemo switches and I see that there is now Wemo support in Roomie but I don’t see the Wemo switches showing up as devices. Can someone point me to instructions on how to add the Wemo switches to Roomie? Thanks.

I have the wemo insight and the three suggested ports do not work. There is also no autodiscovery.

We haven’t looked at the new Insight models, the IP Compatibility list identifies the WeMo Switch as supported:

As usual, it’s trivial to get these things working at the DDK level. Also, we’re happy to work with users in support to get a device working. Given we already support Insight’s switch cousin, it’s likely especially easy in this case.

Thank you.