Insteon Gateway Hub

Are there any plans to support Insteon’s new controller called the Insteon Gateway Hub?

For the most part it looks like a repackaged SmartLinc 2412n with some extra functionality. We would advise trying the existing SmartLinc command set as that might work with it.

We’re likely to add direct integration with such a device in time, but given its heritage it seems somewhat likely it may work today fairly easily.

Was wondering if Roomie controls the Insteon Hub listed here

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The 2242 is basically a hub and controller in one. Before the 2242 you needed a Gateway and PLM controller. With the 2242 everything is Ethernet rather than USB and Ethernet. You can still use separates.

I started with the SmartLinc (It was OK), then got the Hub (Not impressed) very flakey and it didn’t respond to roomie. I now have the ISY and wow! It is a world of difference! So easy to program and roomie reacts twice as fast then SmartLinc. I couldn’t be happier with this working with roomie! And now dimmer sliders!!! Good job Roomie :slight_smile:

I have tried several time with both insteon controller types on the new hub but don’t connect successfully. It doesn’t come up with an error, but when I look at the remote, I have no devices or scenes to choose from.

If it doesn’t show an error, it may be working fine – in other words, just like the 2412N. The 2412 has never supported a manifest of lights so you need to enter the device ID for commands. ISY and Lutron support full manifests.

That’s just a theory as we have not tried to work with that device though.

Thank you.

I’d be happy to test for you but don’t see a place to enter the device Id I would like to tie it to. Can you advise.


Does this also mean that it won’t support scenes?

We have never worked with the Hub, we’re just guessing. If it is the same protocol as the 2412 then scenes are not really its forte. The ISY is significantly more powerful from that perspective. If it works like the 2412, you would add device IDs to a command in your Start Commands list for an Activity such as a .LIGHT ON command where indicated by the placeholder text.

Thank you.

Hmm, I guess it isn’t. I put in the device ID but still nothing. Can’t seem to do anything with either smartlinc or ISY.

are you talking with smart home folks?

We don’t have any definite plans to add that device but if we continue to get user demand for it then we will. If Insteon publishes a new protocol for it presuming it may be different from the 2412, we’d be happy to help a user get that working as well.

Thank you.

I have ordered the Insteon Hub (as it is the only device available in Australia so far) and would greatly appreciate Roomie support for it.

I would also appreciate if you could support the Insteon Hub (2242). It does the job for less, is much easier to configure and use than the ISY and doesn’t require a separate modem.

Insteon Hub purchased also! Having to break out of Roomie to a separate application in a pain :slight_smile:

I would like the Insteon Hub support - 2 other friends have one as well…

Any updates from a keymaster on the plans for support of the Insteon Hub?

I had hoped such a popular brand would have had some attention.

The documents we have on that product indicate the commands are identical to the SmartLinc 2412N. We presume folks have already tried just adding it manually as a 2412?

Thank you.

Now that the ISY-99i is discontinued, I’m leaning toward purchasing the Insteon Hub. Roomie support would be the tipping point. Thanks!

The ISY99 is just an old model. It was replaced by the ISY994 and remains the best choice for Insteon by a wide margin. Note also our prior message that the Insteon Hub is likely to work today as a 2412 because they use the same API.

Thank you.