iOS 7 and Roomie

Roomie’s buttons for Rooms and Activities are completely blank. Ugh. I wish I hadn’t upgraded.

If you remember what order your devices in the rooms, tapping that “area” will still bring up the device, which is working. Not ideal, but workable until an update. :slight_smile:



It will be many months before iOS 7 is released. We will make sure a version of Roomie compatible with iOS 7 is available timed for the release of iOS 7. If that requires a new release, we’ll do that.

Thank you.

So yeah iOS 7 breaks other apps too. Also it crashes and reboots. So I wouldn’t test it on a device I need.

noticed the same issue. Good thing I kept my old handheld remote and still have Roomie on my iPad

iOS 7 Beta 2 fixes this problem.

Ios7 beta3 must break it again. I’ve still got blank menus. Luckily I only upgraded one iPad to ios7 to ‘test’. My other iPad still works and will stay on ios6 until Roomie is ready to support Ios7.

Can you release a beta for us to test?

The App Store does not allow betas of any kind.

The App Store also does not allow developers to release products with versions of the development environment that support iOS 7, yet – until iOS 7 is released.

Users who are part of the Roomie beta program will of course get access to betas when they begin, but an actual iOS 7 release of Roomie is not allowed by the App Store to be available until iOS 7 is actually released. So any app you see with some comment like “Works with iOS 7” etc. is really just bogus, likely to break again the next day, and unable to support anything that’s actually in iOS 7.

That leaves only the wild guess strategy if we wanted to fix something in some random iOS 7 beta, and meanwhile as is evident from this very thread users are saying it doesn’t work in beta 1, then it works great in beta 2, then it doesn’t work again in beta 3 because it’s a moving target and thus impossible to track. With a typical 7+ day turnaround time to get a version on the App Store, any “fix” we’d make for whatever issue someone saw in an iOS 7 seed would be out of date by the time it was published.

Thus, iOS 7 support will be released when iOS 7 is released.

We do also plan to add a small number of (5-7) beta testers in specific areas to the beta program before we begin. We’ll announce that when the time comes.

Thank you.

Roomie works in iOS 7 Beta 4.

Really? I installed b4 yesterday and roomie doesn’t send any command at all. so it is totally broken for me.

Working well on the iPad Mini with beta 4 for me. No more button issues, commands all seem to be working.

So interesting, how did you install the b4, was it an upgrade from b3 or a restore? I did a fresh restore on both iPad 3 and iphone5, none are working.

This must be working pretty well. Our numbers are showing, quite amazingly, that 3.3% of the user base is already on iOS 7 using Roomie 1.9.3.

Hopefully, nothing breaks in future seeds, and this will be a painless transition. Again, if a specific compatibility release is required, we’ll make one at the release of iOS 7. Roomie 2.0 is coming shortly thereafter as a full iOS 7 savvy release.

Thank you.

We are pinning this thread to the top of the forum for a while and any information regarding iOS 7 compatibility issues will be posted here.

At this time, consistent with the above postings, we believe Roomie 1.9.3, the current release, has great compatibility with the future iOS 7. As that has not been released, this is theoretical at best and may change at any time.

There is one known issue on iOS 7. Apple no longer allows apps to grab the MAC Address of the local device as of iOS 7. That is needed for Samsung TV IP control and one or two others.

The good news is that we already knew about this before we released 1.9.3. Thus, anyone running 1.9.3 now and upgrading to iOS 7 will not experience any issue related to that. It is however important to run Roomie on iOS 6 first where your MAC Address is recorded, and then upgrade to iOS 7 if you need that. Meanwhile, Roomie 2.0 will allow pasting the local MAC Address into Roomie so that new users on iOS 7 will be able to use that. For the vast majority of supported devices, this is not needed at all.

Thank you.

We have confirmed the first issue on iOS 7 to be aware of:

• The Edit Device screen freezes for pre-existing devices. The workaround is to delete and re-add the device which works fine.

We are not yet decided as to whether there is an urgent need for a version 1.9.4. We will release one if warranted. In the absence of that, Roomie 2.0 will be announced soon which has been developed almost entirely on iOS 7. It’s a very exciting release, certainly our biggest since Roomie 1.0, and more details on that will be posted shortly.

Thank you.

I’m not sure i this bug is specific to ios7 but when you’re editing remotes and inputing text the app will crash occasionally. a restart allows you to input text again.

Have You decided if there be a working version (1.9.4) of Roomie Remote tomorrow when iOS7 launches or we need to wait for version 2.0? I know at after upgrading from iOS6 to iOS7 Roomie Remote works fine but this is not the option when you need to make a clean install and I’m already using iOS7 GM

5.6% of users are already running Roomie on iOS 7. There is one confirmed known issue we posted above.

What you are referring to has existed at very low levels for a few weeks where some users (who seem to be mostly or all in parts of the UK) periodically can’t download codes and it may be exacerbated by iOS 7, but overall has nothing to do with iOS 7. It is some kind of regional network routing issue. The most definitive resolution to date is to switch to 3G if possible, disable Wi-Fi, and then tap Last Update in Settings. If you’re experiencing that, contact Support if you need assistance. FWIW Roomie 2.0 also has a resolution for that.

Given only one known issue above and the near term availability of Roomie 2.0 in roughly the next couple of weeks, we don’t yet plan a maintenance release. We look forward to providing a truly iOS 7 savvy release as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Not sure whether this is a bug with IOS 7 and Roomie but if I drag the remote up and down to reach buttons that are off the screen Roomie fires whatever button I place my finger on to drag. Anyone else have this?