JVC projector additional lens memory options

After realizing iRule was history i need an app to control my JVC projector. I’m trying out roomie remote and so far so good. However i need more lens memory options, the jvc profile only has three options when the projector can save a lot more. This is important on my scope screen as i have like 6 memory settings.
Can i add more options/buttons to the layout? I would also like to add more lens control optins as i had 16 with iRule. How customizable is roomie room?


You could create a Custom Code Set brand JVC category Supplemental type projector. Then add whatever the commands are that you want. Command format is as they document, for which the simplest way to write in Roomie is escaped hex like:

<key>LENS MEMORY RECALL 1</key><string>\x21\x89\x01\x49\x4E\x4D\x4C\x30\x0A</string>

The part between the string values would be what you’d paste into Roomie, except for your custom command.

Perfect, thank you Will. I have all the hex codes and now that I know this is possible ill get playing with it.

Since im trailing this out, im using the base level subscription plan, will i need to purchase a higher level subscription to add more commands?

Will could this just be added to the existing jvc projector profile?


Yes, those will be in the next update, but it could be a little while. Probably in May sometime.

Thanks Will you made my day, i can certainly wait.

Only thing missing is HDR adjustments in the Oppo 203 profile then I’m a happy camper. Im looking for those hex numbers.

Side note, any plans on Android OS support?

Thanks Will, one last request for the JVC profile for the next update.


Hey @Will_Price, circling back if the extra lens memories were added to the JVC profile yet? I dont believe the 5/2 up had these added yet. No rush i was only curious. THX!

The ones I said I would deploy were deployed ages ago. You may need to use Force Code Set Update to get them. And if you want more codes you can always add them using the information in this post: