Logitech Squeezebox

Has any progress been made with sb integration with Roomie?

We’ve debated the Squeezebox. We have test units ready to support development. However, as we stated in our July 13 post, that analysis would begin after iTunes and Sonos were complete. That has now taken place with 1.6.

Unfortunately, in the interim time period, there are now many reports that Logitech has just discontinued Squeezebox. The Wikipedia page states “In August 2012, Logitech discontinued the entire Squeezebox line”. We’re a little foggy on exactly what is going on, but we’re going to need more data that clarifies Squeezebox is an ongoing concern, supported, and will have marketshare that makes such an effort worthwhile. That does not appear to be the case given recent news.

Really, there are a lot of units out there, I’ve been waiting for this since April. Please don’t give up on this.

It is true they discontinued them. I just snagged myself one before they disappear from the channel! I see prices on the Squeezebox Touch going up! Please, please support Squeezebox. This is the cheapest way to get into 96khz/24 bit downloads, and with Triode’s app supports USB DACs too

They have replaced it with the UE platform. This is the SB Radio hardware but a totally new, incompatible software platform. But UE box has an internal speaker and does not support external DACs so is no use for audiophiles.

Logitech SB has a strong following that will continue. Please continue development. Thanks

Yes, please continue, you were going to get started before don’t quit now.

Despite using Roomie for everything else, I have downloaded and used iPeng for the SB Touch. iPeng is extremely good, but of course it only does the SB. It would still be nice to have SB support in Roomie as it gives a nice, unified interface to multiple components. But iPeng is great, it’s just that switching apps from Roomie to iPeng is not so convenient. Still, I can live with it if the Roomie guys are determined to drop SB support because Logitech stupidly discontinued them last month.

My opinion though, watch this space. I think Logitech are going to be surprised by the amount of feeling on this and also by how much of a failure this new ‘strategy’ of theirs is going to be. (Dropping their intelligent, loyal and devoted customers like a stone, and pursuing dumb consumers who will take whatever Logitech deems is best for their Simpsons-style, one step up from a trailer, type home)

+1 on support for the squeezebox.

I would love to have Squeezebox support too


Yes, please support Squeezebox!

Yes, please!

+1 SB is still going strong

+1. Many of my customers use squeezebox (or vortexbox with squeeze). Right now, I have to sell them an RTI control system. Would love to be able to sell with Roomie.

+1 SB is still going strong

+1 more for SB support. I would love to have Squeezebox integration into the Roomie interface. I have been looking for a clean way to have all of my remotes under 1 interface or.

Just know that your delivery of SB support would motivate me to pay for the additional functionality by clicking that buy button for the Home Theater Pack!

I would really adore Squeezebox support, but it is a complex API and interface to create.

Is there a way to create a simpler API that would allow Roomie to call out to another app to handle the final remote interface? Then you could create a standard API for several media players or controls that require complex interfaces but already have their own apps…

That may not be possible, as the IOS security model might not allow much interaction between apps.


+1 for SB support.

Though, as mentioned above, iPeng is awesome, so if there was any way to call it instead, that would be almost as good…

Please. We are still here. Squeezebox rocks



I would pay for a “Squeezebox” Control Pack.