Now Playing Cover Art and Scrubbing

I’ve noticed in a few of the screenshots that Cover art is available on Kodi, Kaleidescape, etc while playing and a scrubber bar is also located under the art. I’m presently using Plex on a Shield and can get the Plex server integration working as well to select media directly from Roomie, but can’t figure out how to show the presently playing and scrubber bar. How do I do this? TIA

Check out this post: Plex, nVidia Shield, Player Broken? Read this

This feature is Roomie doesn’t work with the Plex Android “New Player”

Interesting. Thanks for finding that! It appears that since February the New Player on Shield has improved drastically as I have not had any issues with it in quite some time.

Would be interested to see if development for it could again be considered.

(also love the Mr. Sparkles profile pic)