Phillips Hue

The Apple store is now selling Phillips Hue lighting, do you have plans to support this? I think this product has a tremendous potential and would a natural with Roomie remote.

I’m no programmer, but it could be fairly easy to implement for someone who is. The protocol has already been reverse engineered.

Info HERE:

Also, if you are using Indigo for home automation, a plugin has been created for that already from the above reverse engineering efforts. … :wish_list

I’d be interested to have direct control of Hue via Roomie.


Just bought hue and its great. Roomie support would be awesome…


No need for reverse engineering. They are open source and will be releasing an SDK in the very near term. Integration in Roomie should be quite possible.

Yes, but the official SDK isn’t slated to come out until 2013, Most geeks like me are fairly impatient.

I’m out of town on business but once I get back I’m going to try to integrate the indigo plugin to see if I can control them from home automation server. Then I can at least control it with my Harmony remote as I have in IR Receiver input to the automation controller.

I suspect Roomie support will come soon as the ZigBee controller that ships with the Hue is fairly simple to send commands to via HTML/JSON. At least, that’s what the people smarter than I are saying.

Understand about the impatience. Let us know how it goes. Philips is being smart with this by allowing integration and development, just makes sense… why spend money developing apps and integration when the user community is so enabled these days and impatient! :slight_smile:


This product is brand new on the market , but would be great to have control over this with Roomie…


That would be an awesome 1.7 “gift” for Christmas :slight_smile:

Philips Hue would be greatly appreciated. When I watch a movie/tv, it would be convenient to have my light change to the correct color and brightness by selecting a scene within one app. I know that they highly encourage developers to work with their program so it may be easy to add support.

Also, the guide in the app is great, except it would be nice to be able to set recordings when viewing upcoming show. Manually going through the DirecTV guide and setting recordings is much slower than being able to use the in-app guide.


Besides these two concerns, thank you for the great app! It allowed me to leave my HarmonyOne remotes with no regrets!

I hope Philips Hue will be supported in next version of Roomie Remote. Useful resources for development:

Philips Hue Lightbulb API Documentation

HuePl: Control Your hue Lights from the Command Line

A quick look at that documentation indicates nothing in there couldn’t be done right now using our DDK.

We could of course make a slicker implementation of the initial pairing by doing some discovery and such inside Roomie in a future release, but we just want to note that nothing is stopping anyone from doing a very simple command set for that right now.

An example of that would be…

The DDK does contain examples of exactly the kind of thing needed by that device in the ip-http folder:

Can I either now with the DDK, or with your update, use the Hue Bulbs with roomie and macros so I can press ‘play movie’ and it will dim certain bulbs, turn off others, change the step colors, and all of the associated AV things as well?

I am going to have 20 Hue bulbs in my house and would like these to be automated, but have truly zero development knowledge. I’m in the I.T. field and can find my way through things, but can a layman easily figure out how to do all the custom devices?

+1 for the Hue

Definitely part of the home theater experience


These light bulbs are controllable through IP (and HTTP port 80). Add connection to the Hue Hub and add the buttons. It is a Zigbee connected lighting system. See … ilips-hue/

There is a great new script for Homeseer to control the Hue: … ost1057176

I can now control the Hue on the Roomie remote by sending Silent Http commands to HS e.g.:

( = HS IP and port)
(HueBlue = HS Event)

Has anything been announced on the future status of Hue in light of Philips exiting consumer electronics? … ectronics/

It would be a fair amount of work to add their pairing procedure directly into Roomie which would be prohibitive if the product has been end of lifed.

I believe they sold off their audio/video multimedia division. Hue is part of their lighting division . I don’t think you have anything to worry about, they seem to be investing a lot of time and money into LED lighting as it is the future now.Check these sites Philips hue and