Samsung TV Power on

Hello I have a new Samsung TV, and i know it wont power on by IP. If I Purchase this iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter? will it be able to work?

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Yes, infrared is definitely the simplest method to full control of a Samsung TV. The WF2IR or IP2IR are the infrared adapters.

Perfect! Thank You- How do you set it up tho? to work with the tv

Here is the iTach QuickStart:

Thank you very much so the emitter cable sits by the power on “red light” or

Can anyone answer why the power on control function does not work via IP for new Samsung TVs (I have a UN60ES7150)? I realize that the iTach would solve this issue for Roomie control of the system, but it sure seems like there ought to be a software fix for this. Also, even though I did a lot of research before purchasing Roomie but somehow missed this issue until working with Roomie for a couple of hours.

There can be no software “fix” because Samsung builds their TVs such that they do not listen to IP when they are off. Perhaps they could change that in firmware and we’re all in favor of letting Samsung know they should do just that. Meanwhile, this isn’t exactly breaking news to them we suspect, the chances they will retroactively change this in prior year models just days before introducing the new 2013 models is probably zero, so IR control is likely to continue as the safe bet for Samsung. Panasonic and Sharp are the brands with true IP control (see compatibility list for details).

Is there a good solution for powering on a Samsung TV if the IP2IR and the IR emitter cables are in a media closet but the TV is wall mounted a different room?

Sounds like a WF2IR mounted to the back of the TV would be a good solution to that. Another solution depending on the walls and whether you can do inside wiring may be an emitter extension to the room with the TV.

Don’t think inside wiring is an option. And the TV is on a mount that’s as close to the wall as humanly possible, so I’m not sure there will be room behind the TV. If there was room, I’d still need to mount the IR emitter on the front of the TV?

At the moment I’m using the Samsung wifi dongle, but more than half the time Roomie is searching for it (even though it has a reserved IP address) and even when it’s found, it will only turn the TV off, not on. IR to RF was working with my old AVL300 set-up.

Just to be clear, even if I was able to set up a serial cable from the TV to an IR2SL, I still wouldn’t be able to toggle power on the Samsung, right? So another option might be to install a wireless WF2IR with an IR blaster somewhere in the living room? What would the maximum range be?

The word “Searching” is not very meaningful in that UI. It just means it hasn’t seen the beacon since you opened that panel. It does not mean it can’t talk to it.

Yes, you could put a WF2IR across the room and use a blaster as another option. Or serial might be another valid option. The blaster is about 20-30’ typical IR range.


Re ‘searching’, when that happens I can’t get any control at all of the TV. I get red commands, so I’m not clear in what way Roomie is able to talk to it.

If I AM able to use serial (not sure yet, I’ll have to unmount the TV first to check), I’d need to go TV -> serial -> serial/Cat5 adapter -> Cat5 through wall -> Cat5/serial adapter -> serial -> IR2SL. If I did all of that what control would I get of a Samsung PN58C8000?


True, nothing we can do about Samsung not supporting power via IP. We can hold out hope for the 2013 models next week.

Assuming your model does have the usual Samsung EX-Link port in back, Samsung TV serial is quite workable and does support power on. Make sure to note the special Samsung EX-Link connector. We list a cable for that here: … F8&node=13

Is there a better to integrate IR Power On and IP Control?

In general, the IP control of my Samsung TV works well (UN55ES7100). If I use the “Power for All Activities” for the TV, then it correctly shuts down when I’ve finished with all activities - it will of course not start up though.

The ideal solution would be to edit the “Device”, so that Power On is done over IR but all the other functions use IP. Given that someone has setup a Samsung TV, you then have an ideal marketing opportunity to sell them an iTach device.

My current workaround is to manually add the “Power On” IR command to all the activities. This works but the setup is tricky and could be a lot more intuitive. Given that this problem occurs for several manufacturers (my Denon AVR 1713 receiver has the same issue), I think this would be a nice UX change to make it easier for everyone to setup.


First, your Denon receiver does not have the Samsung power issue. You just need to turn on Network Standby on the receiver:

Meanwhile, the best way to configure a Samsung TV is first to add it as an infrared device. Set that to Power for All Activities. If you need the IP control as well for instance due to keyboard control, add a second device just for that.

In that way, Roomie takes care of all the configuration and commands for you.

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On many Sansung flat screens, you can put the ir emitter on the back. Put input on the back behind the ir reciever.

Warning! If you have a uk Es8000 that is working with ip power on don’t upgrade your tv firmware. I’ve upgraded to T-ECPDEUC.2009 and the option for remote scheduler on has vanished. Aaaargh!

Same here. I’d just found the remote scheduler option on my F8000 and managed to get the NIC to stay up when on standby. However I couldn’t get WOL magic packet to work so I tried upgrading firmware. Unfortunately as previous poster says, this completely removed the scheduler option - leaving me back at square 1! I guess they’ve decided to discontinue this feature, but I do wish they’d replaced it with a simple “keep network alive” option.

I have a Samsung UE46ES7100 with a Sony STC-DN1030 Receiver connected with HDMI. While the Samsung doesn’t have a Network Standby function or capability, it does seem that the HDMI signal from the receiver is sufficient to wake up the TV from its OFF state–in effect serving as an IP/ON command.

regarding turning on Samsung TVs via HDMI, does that work with all the newer models? I am holding off the purchase of a new monitor as I am trying to determine the best way to integrate everything. I have a Pioneer SC-65 that works very well with Roomie. I am considering either the Sharp (IP wake capable) or the Samsung (I prefer the pic quality of the Samsung, but no IP on function). The only thing that the TV will be doing is acting as a monitor for the system. The receiver will handle all the rest. Thoughts?