Synchronizing to old version

I’m running into a lot of weirdness using Roomie on a new iPod Touch (latest iOS, latest version) and an old iPad Mini 2 which is stuck on iOS 12.5.2 and roomie 6.2.1
I understand that in a perfect world, “one” should not do this, but in my world where this is what I have, this is what I’m doing.
Is there a strategy for making it work better? The synchronization is weird and as I make changes things (devices, activities) appear and then need to be deleted, etc. Is there a way I can stop sync. and then batch sync., or any other strategy?

As it says as the bottom of the release notes for many years, do not mix versions. The minimum iOS requirement right now is iOS 13.4. That is expected to increase to something in the 14.X range (whatever the last major 14.X release is) by later this year as it increases by 1 major per year such that the goal is always to support “the last one and the current one”. When updating, it is safe to be running slightly different versions for a short time while updating all devices, but other than brief exceptions like that, certainly massive gaps like you describe would not be expected to work.

Well… it does sort of work, and like I said it’s what I have. I’m not plunking down another $400 for a new iPad Mini. I guess there isn’t a way I could revert the iPod to 6.2.1?

We don’t test downgrade scenarios like that (and wouldn’t be able to fix them in most cases anyway). So what works and what doesn’t is unknown especially with such huge gaps between versions. “Not supported” is the official response. You are likely to encounter major issues. Reverting a device to force the App Store to use an old version would first require you to get the old iOS on that device, and that is usually difficult to impossible.

Oh well. That’s too bad. Thanks for the advice.